Wednesday, December 7, 2011

cardboard something

This is my most recent undertaking. Originally I had plans to show it standing upright, but as I was working, I came to find the interior to be much more compelling than what was happening with the exterior. I got a lot of helpful feedback at my critique yesterday, particularly concerning this piece. Everyone seemed to agree that the interior was most interesting, yet found the traces of text and labels from the boxes to be irrelevant and distracting. I'd like to see the interior treated in some way... with a white-wash perhaps. Another suggestion was that the exterior be hidden all-together - embedded in the wall maybe? I definitely would like to explore the possibilities of this process further... be it with different material, different form, scale, etc... we'll see!


  1. Really fascinating piece, Lauren! I agree the interior needs...something to make it more uniformly colored. A white wash may be the answer, as it wouldn't detract from the textural elements.

  2. P.S. Embedded in a wall or standing upright would also be amazing. Oh, the possibilities...

  3. it looks just like hair under a microscope. maybe this is the chance for you to go red!
    hope you're having a happy holiday season.