Wednesday, September 19, 2012

3D Fundamentals

Have I even mentioned on here that I'm teaching my own class this semester?! Here are my students working on their plaster projects... We've been working out in the sculpture yard when it's nice out, but yesterday was stormy so we made-do inside. I started having flashbacks to that kid's class I taught at REDUX last year. What a crazy/fun mess!

Here is the prompt I gave my students...
We will be using the human figure as a point of departure for this project. Through the manipulation of your materials, your finished sculpture should somehow reference the human form – but that doesn’t mean it has to be strictly representational. In fact, it shouldn’t be that at all. The form you construct should fall somewhere between representation and abstraction, and should evoke/express a particular emotion (or set of emotions).
 And here are a few of the many examples I gave them...

Henry Moore

De Kooning

Hans Bellmer

Jake & Dinos Chapman

Robert Gober

Janine Antoni

Diana Al-Hadid

David Altmejd

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