Friday, March 9, 2012

back to work

I've spent the past week getting settled into my new studio space. The fire (and subsequent sprinkler downpour) claimed the bulk of my materials, so I've had to start afresh. I'm also no longer allowed to work with oil-based polyurethane, so I'm having to reassess my process a bit. Several of these cardboard pieces survived the chaos, so I decided to work with them for the time being. This installation is in the early stages of its life. There's a lot more I want to add, but it's starting to take shape.


  1. This is really starting to look great, my mind is going crazy with all the things I can see this process doing.

  2. haha i know, right? my mind is going crazy too! it's going to get a lot more dense and reach from floor to ceiling... I'll post pictures when I'm done! Hope all is well in Charleston :D