Friday, December 17, 2010

tory fair

I am really taken by this artist, Tory Fair, who was featured in the October issue of Sculpture Magazine. I gasp every time I flip fast this page-sized image (shown above) in the magazine. This figure is so yummy... I'm still not entirely sure what it is about it that grabs me so. Tory says in her statement about this body of work, that her sculptures "begin with an assertion to see what is beyond the white wall."

This is an idea that I'm interested in exploring as it relates to the traditional presentation of art in a pristine gallery space, or "the white cube," as it is often referred to. The ways of dealing with this concept are endless, but for now I leave you to contemplate Tory Fair's figures that, as Tory hopes, "integrate the body, the sensual imagination, and nature into a discussion of the relative place of our selves in culture and in the environment at large."

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