Wednesday, February 8, 2012

bart prince: architect

 I've got Bart Prince on the brain today. This house he designed, known as the Price Residence, is featured in the book In Search of Natural Architecture and it manages to catch my eye every time I flip through it. The layers and movement in this structure relate to some forms/methods I've recently been exploring with my own work...

"ARCHITECTURE comes about as a result of the synthesizing by the architect of creative responses to input from the client; data gathered from the site and the climate; and an understanding of structure, materials, space and light. Working from the inside-out, the architect guides the growth of an IDEA resulting from the combination of these responses to a completed design which is as much a portrait of the client as it may be of himself."
- Bart Prince
The movement of Prince's architecture reminds me of Ben Butler's work, which follows a similar aesthetic... simultaneously spontaneous and strategic...


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